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Advanced Classes

Buy any 3 advanced courses and get 1 FREE! (if scheduled on same day)

Designer Eyeliner $300
This course is geared towards your clients wanting dramatic eyes. They may request very thick eyeliner or even eyeliner that continues past their eye (the cat eyeliner). You will learn "how much is too much". Is it safe to tattoo past the edge of the eye? What if the client wants it thicker, and thicker, and thicker? What happens with wings as we age? How much extra do you charge? All of these questions will be answered throughout the course. There are so many options your clients may ask for. Often times you may not know if what they are asking for is safe. This is a great course to put your mind at ease. Certificate will be issued.

French Eyeliner $300 
The French eyeliner is a 'highlighted liner' that accentuates your client's eyes. This course teaches you the latest cosmetic techniques that are sure to put you above the other technicians in your area. Learn the cutting edge of eyeliner application. Add a hint of color or a double liner for a more dramatic appearance. You will learn how to apply creative colors that are both natural and/or vibrant. Certificate will be issued.

Mucosal $400 
Mucosal eyeliner is a great addition to any permanent eyeliner application. You will learn the artistic technique needed to apply this addition. You will also discuss pigment placement and machines and appropriate needle size selection. We will discuss how to chose proper colors to compliment the iris and add depth to the eyes.  Many clients are going with the more vibrant mucosal colors, like greens, blues, purples, or whites. Mucosals really brighten the eyes. Certificate will be issued.

Full Lip Color $350 
This course is designed for the technician to perform beautiful, full, smooth lip color with minimal trauma. We will discuss technique, color selection, and numbing agents. This is a great addition to the client wanting the lip outline procedure. We will discuss the difference in applying natural-looking lip color to the more vibrant lip color. We will focus on how to avoid or eliminate blue lips. Certificate will be issued.
Brow Highlight $300 - 2 hours
You will learn the needle groups that are used for highlighting the brows. Learn the proper placement for highlights. We will discuss colors that are best used for highlighting. Learn how to add dimension and definition to your eyebrow procedure. Highlighting gives the eyes a bright, uplifted look. An easy up sale for technicians to offer. Certificate will be issued.

Blush $300 
Most women apply blush daily to give the appearance of a youthful, healthy glow. We now have the technology to offer this service as a permanent cosmetic. This course is aimed towards naturally enhancing your clients' tones. Learn the proper application process, and appropriate color selection. This is one class you won't be using your machine, but a special one-time use tool. Certificate will be issued.

Eye Shadow $300 
Learn how to make the most natural-looking eye shadow available to your clients. On the contrary, learn how to make the most vibrant! This course teaches you how to apply smooth color to the lids of the eyes. More and more women are opting to have their shadow done permanently. Just like all other procedure areas, they can always change color temporarily by wearing traditional makeup. Women are realizing that with each procedure, getting out the door becomes easier and quicker. Certificate will be issued.

Microblading $900   --  or  --   $600 with additional  5-day basic class purchase
The most natural looking brow strokes achieved by using a handheld non-motorized tool. The many blades on the tool implants beautiful, tiny, and natural looking hair strokes. Certificate will be issued.

Dry Needling $425 
Dry Needling is quickly becoming a popular anti-aging cosmetic treatment. This minimally invasive treatment softens and plumps facial lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production in the skin. the procedure is also called Dermal Rolling or Collagen Induction Therapy. Each treatment averages $75-$100, after the initial first treatment of approximately $225. A great addition to your services offered. Certificate will be issued.

Vitiligo $500 
Vitiligo is a skin condition where brown pigment is absent in the skin. It is difficult to treat. Until now, persons with vitiligo would have to undergo phototherapy or try medications to correct the condition. Take this course and learn how to camouflage those light areas on the skin to make them look more natural. Certificate will be issued.

Scar Camouflaging $600 
This course focuses on making you feel more comfortable working on and/or camouflaging scars. Certificate will be issued.
You will learn:

  • Which stretch marks are safe to work on
  • Colors to use when camouflaging
  • Face lift scars
  • Relaxing tight scar tissue
  • Softening raised scars

Areola $600 
Areola Restoration might possibly be one of the most rewarding parts of permanent makeup. When you see how emotionally satisfied your clients will be, you can't help but feel proud that you contributed to their lifelong happiness. You will learn the specifics of adding appropriate color to the skin. You will also learn the advanced techniques of mimicking nipple projections and position with shading and color. this course will cover the psychological implications of working with mastectomy patients and the rewards that come with it. Certificate will be issued.

Scalp Stippling $600 

Perfect procedure for men and women with balding spots on scalp. Certificate will be issued.

Tattoo Removal $500 
Learn how to remove undesirable tattoos using glycolic acid. How long will it take for the tattoo to be completely gone? Will I have a scar? How long does the procedure take? Is it painful? Will I be numb during the procedure? Is there a single charge or do I pay for each session? Is there a size restriction? These are all questions that your future clients may ask. Be prepared for anything after you take this course. Certificate will be issued.

Masters $800 
Get certifies as a Master technician. Clients will take comfort in knowing that the technician of choice has mastered the skill of permanent make up. It shows that you are a leader in the field and carry recognized credentials. Students taking the Masters course will perform an actual full set up and procedure during the practical portion of the exam. Prerequisites include: blood borne certification, 5 day basic course certification, 300 case files or 2 years of practice, whichever comes first.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for any individual or multiple/bundle of classes. There will be no exceptions to this policy.