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Mona Lisa's offers all permanent makeup services. Among them are lip liner, full lip color, eyeliner, and eyebrows.
Most services include one free touch-up. Some restrictions apply. 
Also, Mona Lisa offers freshen-ups at 1/3 the orginal cost of the procedure for the rest of your life.

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What Will This Do For Me?

Eyeliner and Mucosal Liner, Eyelash Enhancement, Eyebrows:

Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes while making eyelashes appear fuller. Permanent eyeliner is our most popular permanent makeup procedure. Defined eyebrows are important because they frame your eyes as well as enhance facial expressions.Today, micro-blade brows are the hottest beauty craze! Mucosal liner adds depth to the eyes, alone or with bottom eyeliner. You may use vivid color or the same color of the eyeliner.

Lip Liner and Lip Color:

When lip liner is applied it gives more definition, corrects uneven lips, or adds fullness to the mouth. Our lip-enhancing procedure can make your lips look fuller. On the contrary, we can make your lips appear smaller, if you so desire. With color choices ranging from natural to ruby red, we are sure to have a shade that will give you the look you've always wanted.

Other Services:
Micro-blade brows
Beauty Marks
Designer eyeliner
French eyeliner
Brow highlights
Cheek blush

Paramedical Services:

Areola/nipple restoration
Camouflage for vitiligo
Repigmentation on scars
Tattoo removal
Dry needling
Scalp Stippling/ Hairline

My Commitment

My commitment, as a specialist, is to provide  clients with the safest, easiest and most artistic application of permanent make-up, resulting in the most natural look." - Mona Lisa Abner


                                                                    Mona Lisa
Eyeliner - top or bottom-                         $375.00

Eyeliner - top and bottom-                      $500.00

Eyeliner - (additional mucosal)-             $100.00

Eyeliner - (additional designer)-             $100.00

Mucosal liner only-                                  $375.00

Eyelash illusion (less than eyeliner)-    $375.00

Lip liner-                                                    $375.00

Full lip color-                                             $500.00


hair strokes or filled color.                     $475.00

Microblade Brows-                                 $475.00

Scalp Stippling-                                       by Quote

Beauty marks-                                         $100.00

Brow highlight-                                        $150.00

Eye shadow-                                            $500.00

Cheek blush-                                            $375.00

Payment Methods:                                                         

                                                                                            3% service charge added with credit cards.

Cash (preferred)or Check

Clients will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee without a 24 hour notice.

Refund Policy
We do not offer refunds for any individual or multiple/bundle of classes. Additionally, we offer not refunds on services, and no refunds if cancellation is less than 24 hours notice. There will be no exceptions to this policy.