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We do not offer refunds for any individual or bundle of classes. Additionally, we offer no refunds on services, and no refunds if cancellation is less than a 24 hour notice. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

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My name is Ramona Lisa Abner. Everyone has always called me Mona Lisa, which is why I chose this name for the business. The real Mona Lisa had no eyebrows or eyelashes, thus making the name Mona Lisa's even more appropriate.

I have lived in this area all of my life. I am blessed with three beautiful daughters and eight wonderful grandchildren. Besides my family, my passion is permanent makeup. I love making people feel more beautiful, while making their lives easier. It also give me great pleasure to educate others on how to do the same.  

Just like the famous painting, I see women with no eyebrows. I want them to be aware of all the permanent makeup procedures available to them. These wonderful options would have probably even made the Mona Lisa smile.

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Botox & Fillers

by Physician 

First full week of each month. 9AM-4PM

times may vary.

Permanent makeup can be for anyone! Wear Contacts? Re-apply makeup often? Sparse eyebrows from over plucking?
Mona Lisa's Permanent Makeup offers a variety of permanent makeup and re-pigmentation services including eyeliner, lip liner, full lip color, and more. Imagine getting ready for work in the morning and not having to spend time applying makeup! Or never having to worry that your makeup is smudged. Why concern yourself with that when you can always look your best with Mona Lisa's Permanent Makeup? At Mona Lisa, we can make it happen for you!

Male balding hair Stippling ,Microblade Eyebrows Procedures and Training

Every 3 Months

Training Classes

by Mona Lisa

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